Flutter E-Commerce Pro

Run the following commands on your terminal to setup Flutter ECommercePro Theme on your system.


  • Get the code

    Opt #1. Download ZIP

    Not familiar with Git? Click here to download Flutter E-Commerce Pro App.Extract the contents of ZIP file after

    downloading.Downloading ZIP file does not help you to sync with further updates of Flutter E-Commerce Pro App.

    Opt #2. Clone

    To setup Flutter E-Commerce Pro Theme on your system, and sync your app with constant updates, clone the repo.

    Click here to clone Flutter E-Commerce Pro App using GitStrap.Install Package

  • Install Package

    If this is the first time you’re installing Flutter on your machine, clone the beta branch of the repository

    and then add the flutter tool to your path:

    cd Flutter-Ecommerce/
    flutter doctor
    cd ecommercepro/
    flutter run
  • Run on iOS

    Opt #1:

    Open the project in Xcode from ios/Runner.xcodeproj

    Click run button to simulate.

    Opt #2:

    Run $ open -a Simulator.app in your terminal.

    Start your app by running the command flutter run.

  • Run on Android

    Make sure you have an Android emulator installed and running.

    Run flutter runin your terminal.

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