Flutter DO App

Run the following commands on your terminal to setup Do App Theme on your system.


  • Get the code

    • Opt #1. Download ZIP

      Not familiar with Git? Click here to download Flutter Do App Theme. Extract the contents of ZIP file after downloading. Downloading ZIP file does not help you to sync with further updates of Do App.

    • Opt #2. Clone

      To setup Flutter Do App Theme on your system, and sync your app with constant updates, clone the repo. Click

      here to clone Flutter_do App using GitStrap.

  • Install packages

    cd Flutter_do/
    flutter doctor
    cd flutterdo/
    flutter run
  • Run on iOS

    • Opt #1:

      Open the project in Xcode from ios/Runner.xcodeproj

      Clickrunbutton to simulate.

      Opt #2:

      Run$open -a Simulator.appin your terminal.

      Start your app by running the commandflutter run.

    • Run on Android

      Make sure you have an Android emulator installed and running.

      Runflutter runin your terminal.

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